Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Crated bikes to Christchurch

Well the time has come to send the bikes off. Transit time is 60 days so that means they have to go now to have them ready for our arrival in Valparaiso on 16th Nov. I kept the bike crate from the factory for the DR and Rob managed to source a Triumph Tiger base for the Tenere. We've lined our crates with some light plywood for a bit of extra protection and included most of our riding and camping gear in the crates. All up mine weighs in at around 230kg and 1.3 meter cube.

It's been a busy period in our trip preparation, making sure the bikes are sorted and happy with luggage and all the other modifications and arranging all the shipping requirements. Due to breaking my elbow earlier in the year we left it to the last minute to confirm our departure which has made for a bit of a rush, but looks like things are finally falling into place. Am driving the bikes down to Christchurch today to deliver to the Mainfreight depot. The next time we see them will be in Chili.

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