Saturday, 28 April 2012


While hanging out at Casa Blanca hostel I met up with fellow bike tourer John from Oklahoma. John is riding the American Continent's on his BMW 650, he rides for 6 months and then returns home to work for 6. Together we did a day ride in the hills surrounding Cali, attended a BMW open day where we got to test ride the latest bikes and then did a 3 day trip out to the Pacific cost at Buenaventura. Was a fun week all up. After  a month or so on my own it was nice to have some company again.

Day out with "Oklahoma John"
The 650's in a tea plantation near Cali

Test riding the new BMW 800 GS
On our way out to Buenaventura we stopped off for the night at San Cipriano. There is no road and a rail trolley driven by a motorbike was an interesting trip down the line and into town. The climate here in Colombia at sea level is obviously a tad warm so swimming in the nearby river and some cold beers went down a treat.

Motorbike powered transportation down the railway line

On the line to San Cipriano

On the return to Cali we took the "old road" which has been made redundant due to the construction of a new highway. It's only used by a few locals, and at one point was drug running route. The military know have control over this area and it's one of the best rides I've done to date.

On the Old Road

Thanks to these guys we had a great ride

A necessary cool off

Another section on the old road from Buenaventura to Cali

It doesn't get much better than this!

And a overgrown concrete section in the middle of the jungle, nice.

John getting a shower

Afternoon thunderstorm back at the Hostel in Cali. Have I mentioned it's rained pretty much everyday in Ecudaor & Colombia!


  1. Riding under the waterfall looks amazing!!


  2. Awesome photos! Great butt on ya, Joe Hambrook.